Open Positions

Greetings to the East Kingdom from Thyra Brigantia! The East Kingdom College of Heralds has several positions which need volunteers.

Please email and indicating your interest in one or more of these open roles, and any supporting information that should be considered.

We are always seeking folks who are interested in learning the varied inner-workings of the EK College of Heralds, finding better ways to distribute tasks amongst the various deputies, and even giving some deputies a well-deserved break.
Office Descriptions

Email me at any time about this.

Open positions (applications due April 15th, 2024)

OfficeOffice description

Elmet (Heraldic Education Deputy, reports to Brigantia)

Diademe (Assistant Internal Submissions Deputy, reports to Blue Tyger)

Mural (Society Notifications Deputy, reports to Blue Tyger)

Mosaic (Kingdom Notifications Deputy, reports to Blue Tyger)