Court Report Form

**The form located below is meant to be downloaded. Please do NOT attempt to fill this actual form. **

To complete the form:

  • Make sure you are logged into your East Kingdom Google account. If you are not able to log into your account you will still have the option to download the file instead of copying it to your EK Google drive in step 3.

  • Click this link > Court Report Form

  • In the upper left hand corner select File>Make a Copy (or Download  and select your format of choice.)

  • Open the saved copy or downloaded copy and rename as needed. (We suggest event and date – example: Wednesday War 6.14.2020) Fill the rest of the form and save. 

Where Do They Go?
Royal Court Reports should be sent to

Baronial Court Reports should be sent to, and, as well as to your regional herald as appropriate:

Copies should also be sent to



  •, if you are not the group herald of record

  • and your local newsletter,