Heraldic Submissions

Heraldic submissions include name and device registration, and are overseen at the Kingdom level by the Blue Tyger Herald
Lady Anéžka Liška z Kolína.

There is a Kingdom “Ask-a-Herald” service, which pairs those who wish to submit a name and/or device with an experienced submissions herald. You do not have to have a particular name and/or device in mind to contact us and get started, we are here to help!
Ask-a-Herald Submission Form

Blue Tyger maintains a website with a cornucopia of information about the submissions process, as well as past Letters of Intent (names and devices passed on to Society-level for commentary).
Blue Tyger Website

A Guide to the East Kingdom Submissions Process

Submission Forms

Blue Tyger Letters of Intent Archive

All submissions are stored-in, commented-on, and processed-through OSCAR (Online System for Commentary and Response). If you are interested in being able to comment on Letters of Intent at the Kingdom level, please contact Blue Tyger Herald. Those wishing to comment on Laurel level letters should contact Brigantial, Principal Herald.
OSCAR (link to sca.org based site)