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Heraldic Titles of the East Kingdom

Heraldic Titles and their duties:

Brigantia – Principal Heraldic officer of the Kingdom of the East. Responsible for the over all function and promotion of the heraldic arts and sciences
in the kingdom, and the education of its citizens in the same, as well as the overseeing of the proper function of the East Kingdom College of Arms.
Principal heraldic liaison to the Crown of the East, and principal advisor in all matters heraldic. Reports to the Crown.
Badger – Northern Shores regional deputy. Responsible for collecting Canadian submissions and forwarding them to Eastern Crown Herald. Also responsible
for the heraldic education of the Canadian region of the East Kingdom by organizing regular classes and encouraging heralds to both learn and teach.
Reports to Brigantia.
Blue Talbot - Regional education deputy. Responsible for one of the two regions that is not directly covered by Elmet. Reports to Elmet.
Blue Tyger – External submissions deputy. Responsible for processing Letters of Report and produce monthly External Letters of Intent, and for commenting
on the External Letters of Intent from other Kingdoms. Reports to Eastern Crown.
Dextrochere – Special Projects Deputy. Bringantia's Administrative Assistant and Right Hand. Reports to Brigantia.
Diademe – Eastern Crown deputy. Responsible for supporting Eastern Crown Herald in his duties. Reports to Eastern Crown.
Eastern Crown – Submissions deputy. Responsible for processing submissions and producing a monthly Internal Letters of Intent. Also responsible for encouraging
and receiving commentary and the production of a monthly Letters of Decision. Reports to Brigantia.
Elmet – Education deputy. Responsible for the promotion and advancement of the education of the East Kingdom and the College of Heralds by organizing regular
classes and encouraging heralds throughout the kingdom to both learn and teach. Reports to Brigantia.
Maunche – Regalia and heraldic display deputy. Responsible for producing and maintaining heraldic regalia for Brigantia, and Brigantia staff, and consulting
and assisting in the production of heraldic regalia for the royalty of the East Kingdom. Also responsible for encouraging the use of heraldry and
heraldic pageantry throughout the kingdom. Reports to Brigantia.
Mosaic – New heralds deputy. Responsible for producing and maintaining the list of warranted heralds within the East Kingdom, and the issue of new warrants and
renewal of old ones as well as notifying warranted heralds whose warrants are in jeopardy of lapsing. Also responsible for guiding and helping
new heralds and assisting incipient groups with their name registrations, either in person or by appointing an ombudsman. Reports to Brigantia.
Mural – Notification letters deputy. Responsible for processing the Letters of Report and issue letters of notification to submitters informing them of the state
of their submissions. Reports to Eastern Crown.
Pallet – Heraldic staff artist. Produce heraldic artwork for the College upon request. This includes the design and possible implementation of heraldic regalia
as well as submission emblazons. Reports to Brigantia.
Pantheon – Regional education deputy. Responsible for one of the two regions that is not directly covered by Elmet. Reports to Elmet.
Shepherd’s Crook – Precedence deputy. Responsible for maintaining the East Kingdom Order of Precedence and the records receipt of awards at the Kingdom,
Principality and Baronial level within the Kingdom of the East. Reports to Brigantia.
Silver Crescent – Filing deputy and clerk. Responsible for the maintaining and organizing of all documents received and issued by Brigantia's staff including all
submissions received and all letters received and produced. Reports to Brigantia.
Standard – Technology deputy. Responsible for maintaining the Brigantia webpage and assisting Brigantia's staff with the maintenance
of their individual web pages as necessary. Reports to Brigantia.
Troubadour – Court and Tourney deputy. Responsible for organizing and managing voice work for royal courts and kingdom tourneys. Also responsible for the
creation and maintenance of a roster of competent Court heralds, and for training those who wish to become Court heralds. Reports to Brigantia.

Basic organizational chart:

  Eastern Crown   Diademe   Blue Tyger   Mural
  Submissions Deputy   Eastern Crown Deputy   External Submissions Deputy   Notification Letters Deputy
  Elmet   Blue Talbot   Pantheon
  Education Deputy   Regional Education Deputy   Regional Education Deputy
  Northern Shores Regional Deputy
  Financial Deputy
  Regalia and Heraldic Display Deputy
Reports to Crown     Mosaic
  New Heralds Deputy
  Heraldic Staff Artist
  Shepherd's Crook
  Precedence Deputy
  Silver Crescent
  Filing Deputy and Clerk
  Publications Deputy
  Court and Tourney Deputy

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